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Victress Vibe

Websters Dictionary defines Victress as a female Victor.

It also defines Vibe as a distinctive feeling or quality capable of being sensed; to be in harmony; to convey a sense of (a place, a feeling, etc).

When you combine these two it holds a special meaning. For myself, I feel that a Victress Vibe is an unstoppable force, a woman who will succeed in any endeavor, a woman so in harmony with Gods will for her life she actually emanates His Grace, Mercy and Joy. A woman who spreads His message. No force natural or unnatural can stop her. I believe that any woman can embrace their power by opening their hearts to The Father, listening for His plans (not our own) and working towards those plans.

Have you ever wondered what His plans are for you? Have you questioned what direction you should be heading, what your next steps in life should be? Have you ever questioned yourself or your value? There have been plenty of times in my life where I have doubted myself, questioned what value I brought to the world. We all go through these times, you are not alone. Some of the most successful women in the world have had doubts, what has set them apart is their ability to do what needs to be done to accomplish their goals. They find a way to combat the doubts and the motivation to complete the task,

We were all created to leave our mark on the world, every single one of us has a great destiny. We were created to be remembered when we are gone. To have an impact! To leave a Legacy! What stops us from reaching our destiny? Ourselves! Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to be a Doctor and save the world or find the cure for a devastating disease? How about when you wanted to travel the world and experience new cultures? Or possibly, as an adult, had something tragic happen and you wished there was something you could do to keep others from experiencing what you had experienced? Those deep down desires, dreams, aspirations…..those are your destiny. Your Legacy! Especially the ones that seem so big that they seem impossible or way out of reach. The ones that it would take a “miracle” to come to pass……Thats God whispering to your heart His plans for you. It must be from God if it requires Him to make it happen! He wouldn’t give you the dream if He hadn’t given you the ability to accomplish that dream. You have all you need inside of you. The God who spoke the world into existence took the time to speak you into existence, exactly as you are. You are enough, You are worthy and You are capable! You, were made perfectly imperfect, God chose You to accomplish your Legacy. He knew what trials you would face and equipped you to withstand the storms, all those storms will take you to and prepare you for His plan for you. It’s never too late either! He is not through with us as long as we are alive, we still have an opportunity to come into our destiny. When we were children we weren’t tainted by self doubt, we could accomplish anything. It is only when we grew up, got busy with the things of this world, dealt with negative people, and grew away from Him that we begin to doubt ourselves, listen to others “define” us by their negative limited views, allow ourselves to be treated negatively and give up on our dreams.

All it takes for us to fulfill our destiny, leave our Legacy, is a shift. A shift in our mindset, a shift in our thought process, a shift in our relationship with God.

First, you need to get back to church, find yourself a bible based church that when you walk through the doors you are made to feel like family, find a church that when the music starts and the choir or the singers start to sing you feel a shift in your soul. Find yourself a church that you don’t have to put the Pastor or Pastors on a pedestal and hope they pray for you……..Pray for your Pastors, pray that they are Gods messengers and are able to bring the congregation closer to God, pray for their families, their health, their wisdom, that they are fulfilling their Legacy!

Second, open your Bible. Start at the beginning in Genesis, in the middle with the Song of Songs, at the end in Revelation or any page you feel drawn to start. But get in the Bible, this is our Owners Manual for Life, just like you have an Owners Manual for your car or your motorcycle. Read it back and forth, make notes in the margins, ask questions, go to Bible study. You will find passages that give you strength in the hard times, answer questions about life, but most importantly you will receive the Everliving Word of God. There is a reason the Bible is the #1 selling book in the world, don’t you want to find out for yourself?

I will close with this, change your perspective on things and you will change your impact on the world. There is where your Legacy lies. Within you. The power of the mind is incredible, speak things into existence. Instead of acknowledging/accepting problems, speak their solutions into existence. This takes a shift in your way of thinking. Look for solutions not problems. Be deliberate with who you surround yourself with. Find the path that leads to your desired end result and never quit. Have you ever spent time with a group of successful women? Networking, working, or just socializing? Now compare that to women who are negative all the time, women who gossip and put down others, the ones who when something goes wrong their response is “I knew this was going to happen” or “we all saw this coming” when a friend is going through something instead of being supportive or having something positive to say. Which group did you feel more empowered with? When you went your separate ways, which group left you feeling energized, hopeful, positive? Which group left you feeling drained, hopeless and in a negative mood? Ever hear that saying “You become the 5 people you surround yourself with the most”? It is so true. Surround yourself with people who find solutions not problems. This is not a glass is half full or half empty question, it’s a “What can I do with this water?” question. In my blog I am hoping to change your perspective on things to change your impact and help empower you to reach for your Legacy one word at a time! Enjoy the Journey!

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